30 comments on “In 33 Days You’ll Die – ...”

  1. Cheesybread Enthusiast

    They need to give the free trial gang one more free ep. probably a free ep for ep2. So we can get a better feeling of this show.

  2. fire99xyz

    Youtube fing red not avaiable in Germany :/
    But u know do what you want ´cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

  3. Maxwell Hayes

    Yessss! Been waiting to use my Red trial just for this moment 🙂 Congrats gentlemen!

  4. Dougie Jones

    Very cool but too fast paced and cold for me

  5. ELStalky

    There is no way that arm would be covered in that much blood if any at all…

  6. Wolff

    I know you guys put a lot of work into and the story is really interesting and cool but it all went a bit too fast wich made it lose it's "tense" ( i don't know how to translate it ) and the acting was also a bit crappy, but good job anyways!

  7. DutchFunny

    This is awesome!!

  8. Roman Ambrose Rollins

    This whole idea of Lifeline would create a paradox.

  9. javito ssj

    puta los weones, me hacen ver el primer capitulo pero los demas se pagan… ahi se amariconaron

  10. Oscar Moraga

    I liked it. im tired of slow passed tv Shit. Even if is not perfect, it moves fast so its entertaining.

    Sometimes i wish you could have taken a couple of more seconds, but i guess its because we are used to Tv like shows.

  11. TheMagicBlood

    Do Youtube Red shows release their budgets?

  12. UndeadSlayer5

    I had no idea the Rock was in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Carl Gustav

    The Rock? whatchu doing here?

  14. max albers

    I am sorry but this fucking sucks to quick transitions are unnatural

  15. Jackson Gary

    Yeah, not my favorite. Whatever, it's their first show. All you "critics" have most probably never produced anything. Take a mom3nt and think before you say something hurtful for no reason

  16. iGingerPXGz

    That was good! I think most people's criticism about the acting being unnatural is just people complaining because they can. Art is what you decide to make of it, and if people want to only focus and nitpick about the little things then that's on them.

    The episode answered many questions that it raised (at least to me) in a way that didn't seem to obtrusive. The immediate contrast between Connor's view on saving people and Haley's view was nice, and sets up a good starting block for character development.

    Keep it up!

  17. Campsissauce

    This is too good.

  18. WhiteZe

    Just have things process like 20% slower Goddammit!

  19. Jonathan Juan

    Lot of armchair directors in here all of a sudden…

  20. Nyyn

    This was condescending. I think you think your audience is retarded.

  21. BadKarma 714

    Love the show I want more pls.

  22. Yari Lesire

    Just love it! Normally I’m a bigger fan if the Sam & Niko channel but the work you guys doe omg!

  23. André Icaro


  24. Maxi Bauer

    Holy shit. This is cinema and corridor on a hole nother level!!! Love it!

  25. ENGIneerP1AYS

    Fantastic guys. Bravo. Proud of you. Gonna buy youtube red just for this.

  26. AfroNinja720

    ok this was awesome, good job sam and niko!!

  27. Ryan St.Rose


  28. FrozenEpsilon

    been waiting to start my free red trial just for this

  29. EpicMarshm4llow

    holy $hit you guys know Dawyne?

  30. Andrea Rebek

    che bello guardare i sottotitoli e vedere che c'è praticamente di tutto ma l'italiano proprio no xd

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